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Elder/Pastor Conference 2021: JUMP START NW Conference flyer

The 2021 Elder/Pastor Conference is available to you from e2elders. The format gives you the flexibility to go through the material at your own pace. Please check out what is offered by clicking the JUMP START NW Conference flyer link. 


Has your ministry slowed down, or even come to a stop? COVID-19 has brought ministry to a grinding halt in too many places. When that happens, we need a…
Jump Start:
Charging Up Ministry that Moves!
Join the e2 team for this one-day conference exploring four essentials to create new—and increasing—ministry momentum! We will explore evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and next generation ministry through three lenses.
1. Why is it essential?
2. How should it be done?
3. What has to change to jump start ministry?
Be prepared to start your engines and charge into 2021 as never before!

Doctors David Roadcup, Jim Estep and Gary Johnson bring their diverse experience to the work of e2. David has coached the leadership teams of hundreds of churches, Jim has taught thousands of students in colleges and universities around the world, and Gary led two very different churches (rural and suburban) in 40 years of preaching ministry.
Register online at e2elders.org
Cost: $99 per church. Click to register: JUMPSTART
**This conference is completely pre-recorded and replaces the on-site gathering of Jan. 30, 2021.
Conference materials will ship on Monday, January 25.

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