2022 170th NWCC

170th Northwest Christian Convention: The “RE” Conference 

We are better together 

June 21-26, 2022 Acts 15 

Do you come to Convention for a purpose? Is it for Reunion,    to gather with friends? Is it Revival, to be invigorated for the Kingdom work? Is it Restoration, to see the movement of our churches in the Northwest? Acts 15 shows us a different kind of convention. A convention of the church to deal with issues plaguing those earliest churches. What if we were to do the same? Can we, like the early Apostles, make changes that will help our people? What to do about pastoral burnout, low numbers of incoming leaders, educational costs for pastoral degrees that put crippling debt on young people? What can we do about the unity of our churches? What can we, as a network, do about resources for our churches? Can we use the Convention to plan for a better future in our movement?

Come and see…

Chad & Becca Dekay, 2022 Convention Presidents


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