168th Northwest Christian Convention

JUNE 23-29, 2020

Click Worth IT! to download the promo video for this year’s convention.

Your link to the week of convention will go live here on June 23rd. An easy to navigate website will give you access to all the speakers, workshops and worship. There will be extra features to explore as you “walk” through the week.

 click to REGISTER TODAY! **While we aren’t able to gather as we traditionally do, we encourage you to register for this year’s online convention.  Thank you!

Mission Opportunity for YOU: The Wall of Unreached People Groups. Click to explore how you can be a part of this exciting opportunity: Find out more

Get ready for a ministry equipping week with powerful tools to move the church from consumer to committed.


We are celebrating 168 years of gathering! And this year the teaching, worship, equipping,youth and children’s program are all available online. It will be a “place” to gather and learn together. We are encouraging church groups to have watch parties all over the Northwest and beyond.

A dedicated website for the NwCC is being created that will give you access to the entire week of learning and encouragement.  Speakers will have designated times for interactive sessions for Q and A. You will also have year-round access to all the content!

The Pioneer builders who constructed the tabernacle placed giant wooden letters on it which read  “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

“Go” is really happening this year. We are going far beyond the walls of that great old building and out into every home, church building, parking lot–everywhere that joins-in for unity building growth as we celebrate the 168th Northwest Christian Convention.

Preaching the gospel is happening. Equipping the church is happening. Celebrating missions, education, church planting, youth are all happening. The theme this year is Worth It! And this year it is amazingly relevant to grab onto the power of God’s mission for our lives and declare together that unity in the body of Christ is Worth It!

Sharing during the week:

  • Jeremy Jernigan, Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church 
  • LeRoy Lawson, Pastor, Professor, Author

Everyday will highlight a different area of ministry. Stories of victory will be shared and you will have the amazing opportunity to get connected with vital ministry work going on in the Northwest and beyond. Leading the themes for the day:

  • Global Outreach: Joe Hoover,  Cross-Cultural Consultant
  • Education: Derek Voorhees, President of Boise Bible College
  • Church Planting: Sean Thome (NWCEA), George Johnson (CEA), Bob Wood (OCEF)
  • Youth: Brenda Lyon, Youth Pastor at North Plains Christian Church

The week of convention encompasses so many different areas of connection and growth.  Some of the things we enjoy together will not be possible this year. A limited amount of camping may be available. 

As information becomes available this site will be updated with details on any onsite convention week activities and camping that are taking place. Thank you for your patience!

168th NwCC Planning Team: Mike Miller (Convention President), Troy Dean (NCU), Matt and Casey Holmes (Turner Christian Church), Joe Hoover (Monmouth Christian Church), Chad and Becca DeKay (Dayspring Fellowship, Eugene), Aaron Dilla (Twin Oaks Christian Church, Eugene), Heather Miller (Village Christian Church, Adair Village), Jake Miller (NCU), Dianne McIntosh (Riverside Christian Church, Sweet Home)

Name of the Week

The Oregon Christian Convention is pleased to announce that this year’s week of convention will be called the Northwest Christian Convention. This shift from “Oregon” to “Northwest” comes at a time when we are striving to serve the entire Northwest with ministry equipping opportunities. The shift also reflects the reality that the convention was started by pioneers who came to the Oregon Territory. And this territory extended beyond the current borders of Oregon.

The place the event happens is called the Oregon Christian Convention and the actual week of convention is called the Oregon Christian Convention. So, the “place” and “name” of the organization remains Oregon Christian Convention but the week we come together will be called the Northwest Christian Convention.

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