167th Oregon Christian Convention

June 25-30, 2019

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Register today and be equipped with tools, partnership and resources to employ the “Five New Testament Strategic Shifts” that empower your church to health and growth. Every Church leader and influencer will benefit eternally by learning and embracing these profound yet simple biblical truths.

Simple, applicable and gracious tools to empower SHIFTS from organization to family, impersonal to personal and from passively to actively loving your neighbor.

This is a call to shed man-made complexities, unify as a church and restore the unifying power of Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church

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June 25-30, 2019


Starts Tuesday at 6:45 PM and concludes Sunday at Noon.

Daily Schedule (Wednesday thru Saturday):

  • 8:45 AM Worship/Prayer/Devotional
  • 10:15 AM: Break
  • 10:30 AM: RePosition Workshop (Wednesday-Friday) 
  • 11:15 AM: Break
  • 11:30-Noon: Q & A
  • Noon: Lunch
  • 1:30 or 2 PM Afternoon Activities
  • 3 PM: RePostion Workshop: Pioneer Hall (Wednesday-Friday)
  • 5 PM: Dinner
  • 6:45 PM: Evening Session
  • 9 PM Dessert in Jubilee
  • 9:30 Bonfire


SATURDAY June 29: Check it out!



    • Kyle Davies (Tuesday PM)
    • Clark Tanner (Wednesday  AM)
    • Tim Wallingford (Wednesday AM and PM)
    • Dan Cole (Wednesday PM)
    • Derek Voorhees (Thursday AM)
    • Arron Chambers (Thursday AM and Friday PM)
    • Chad DeKay (Friday AM)
    • Alan Ahlgrim (Friday AM and Thursday PM)
    • Russell Clum (Thursday PM)
    • Matthew Holmes (Friday PM)
    • Aaron Dilla (Saturday AM)
    • Gabe Piechowicz (Saturday PM)


Click the pics for bio’s on Tim Wallingford, Arron Chambers, Alan Alhgrim and Dan Cole


Worship Leaders

    • Dan & Ali Cole 


Morning Prayer and Devotions @ 8:45 AM Wednesday thru Saturday

    • Mike Miller
    • Clark Tanner
    • Derek Voorhees
    • Chad DeKay
    • Aaron Dilla


Special Workshop: 10:30 AM in the Tabernacle, 3 PM in Pioneer Hall & 6:45 PM in Tabernacle

    • Center for Church Leadership presents – “rePosition Workshop: 5 New Testament Strategies for Church Health and Growth”
    • Wednesday: Tim Wallingford: 10:30 AM (Tabernacle); 3 PM (Pioneer Hall) Workshop; 6:45 evening session (Tabernacle)
    • Thursday: Arron Chambers: 10:30 AM (Tabernacle); 3 PM (Pioneer Hall)
    • Thursday: Alan Ahlgrim: 6:45 PM (Tabernacle)
    • Friday: Alan Ahlgrim: 10:30 AM (Tabernacle); 3 PM (Pioneer Hall)
    • Friday: Aaron Chambers: 6:45 PM (Tabernacle)


As a foundational value of the Restoration Movement, the freedom, privilege, and duty to express the Kingdom mission God has placed inside of each church for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with the local community according to their gifting, calling and mission field. Church Leaders who are equipped are leaders who can empower!  These 5 Shifts from the New Testament give the foundational principles to empower your church to survive and thrive!

  • From consumer to the committed
  • From doing church to becoming the church
  • From religion to relationships in transformational community
  • From come-and-see to members go-and-share Christ
  • From programmatic leadership to pastoral leadership.


Special Events

Afternoon Activities 

Be prepared! Fill-out Activity Permission Forms for adults and children for afternoon fun. Leave at registration/information in the back of the Tabernacle. Download and Print: Permission Slip Adult     Permission Slip Child


Children’s Program

“Turn it UPside Down!”

  • Love OUT LOUD
  • Live UPside Down
  • Worship INSIDE Out
  • SHARE the Mystery
  • LEAD the Jesus Way

Russell and Amber Grove, Boise Bible College

READ MORE: OCC 2019 Children’s Promo

Click to download registration forms for the nursery/preschool and children’s program

2019 OCC Nursery RegForm

2019 K-5th Grade Registration


Camping and Accommodations

click here for information on staying on the OCC grounds: Where Can I Stay at OCC?


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