Pastor/Elder Conference

We had a great turnout this past weekend for the annual Pastor/Elder conference!  Final tally was right at 96 attendees from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  Thank you for all those attended.  George Johnson, our keynote speaker, brought a ton of insight from the field on the status of church growth and church planting as the Executive Director of the Christian Evangelistic Association (CEA).  The breakout sessions on Pastoral Care, Training up New Leaders, and Keeping the Church on Mission was very applicable in our day and age in the life of the Christian Church.  Thank you Ryan Conner, Earl Koch, and Richard Beswick for leading our breakout sessons.

If you missed out on this year’s conference, be sure to sign up for next year’s conference.  See you then.

Drew Bauman

Dr. George Johnson

Dr. George Johnson using chess pieces to emphasize his point

Richard Beswick on Keeping the Church on Mission

Ryan Conner on Pastoral Care

Earl Koch on Training up New Leaders

Lunch with Terry O’Casey, President of Northwest Christian University and Derek VoorHees, President of Boise Bible College