The Wall of Unreached Peoples

The prophet Daniel said that the kingdom of heaven on earth would be different than any other governing power the world would ever see. According to King Jesus, it would start out ridiculously small and seemingly insignificant; but before the end of the age every ethnic group in the whole world would have access to the kingdom’s goodness.

A current fact check of these prophecies is very encouraging. So far, 3,239 ethnic groups have significant access to a community of people learning to love each other like the King himself; and we are among them. The influence of the kingdom is beautiful wherever we see it: orphans adopted, reconciliation for antagonists, and transformation for the poor. So, despite many kinds of hardships, it is a privilege and a pleasure for us corporately to make disciples of the 7,410 ethnic groups without access to the kingdom.

Their names are written on a 60 foot Wall of the Unreached Peoples displayed in the Tabernacle of the Oregon Christian Convention grounds. As you and the other watch partiers take a virtual tour of the wall and pray together about your global mission, you may be moved with the divine presence and power to help complete it. Maybe a result of your prayer will be that every congregation in the Northwest Christian Convention will choose an unreached people group and make disciples among them.

It is rather adventurous being a part of prophecy, working toward world domination without violence or lies – a way no other empire could have even considered.

Click this picture of the Wall of Unreached Peoples to learn more about the ministry of Team expansion and how we are going to be using the wall.

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