Pioneer Renewal Project

Built in 1886, Pioneer is the oldest building on the OCC grounds. Pioneer has served a multitude of purposes such as: dining hall, workshop room, snack shack, youth gathering place and café. The unique construction of this historic building has allowed it to weather many storms and remain structurally sound.  During the 2014 week of convention, in addition to many generous gifts and the hard work of the food service crew, an additional large gift was given that launched this project. The work is being done and the building is being restored. Your gifts are still needed as we work to finish strong! Thank you.

Pioneer in the 1950’s 


April 9, 2015

old and new

Old and New Construction

inside group

April 9–OCC Leadership Team takes a tour


January 2015

Feb12LT 1

February 2015

Feb 5 4

February 2015–the new roof is going on!

Pioneer Renewal Project is happening!

 Please pray for this project. Pray that God will use this building for his glory and honor.