Sub35 Con

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A Unity Event for 18-35 year olds


In a world of brokenness we are called to be salt and light. In the midst of broken relationships we are admonished to be peacemakers.

How’s your peacemaking going this year?

In 2017 it is hard to be salt and light and peace. It is hard to passionately show love to a hurting world, and so God gave us the whole church to live with and love with and work with. But that’s hard too- unity with other believers is often messy and difficult.

And that’s why there’s Sub35. Sub35 is an action step. It’s a choice to learn more about living and loving with the body of Christ. It’s an opportunity. A chance to connect with other believers from other churches, in other stages of life.

There’s the fun stuff: The basketball, the board games, the team games. There’s the joyful stuff: the worship, the communion, the communal meals. There’s the engaging stuff: the speakers, the small groups, the experiential worship.

There is connection, community, and over all, Christ.

“Sub35 was refreshing and rejuvenating even beyond what I’d hoped for. And not just in an individualistic, pat-yourself-on-the-back type of way – it reminded me of the joy of being part of God’s kingdom.” -2016 attendee

What are you waiting for?

Essential Details

Dates: September 8th-10th, 2017

Location: Oregon Christian Convention Center

5605 Jubilee Drive SE

Turner, Oregon 97392

Cost: Single $65/Married Couple $120

Follow this link to sign-up and register online with credit card payment: register now

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