Oregon Food Pack 2018

Oregon Food Pack Event

Update as of May 31, 2018: $51,025! Great job everyone, keep going we are very close to our goal.


The Food Pack is only 26 days away!

  • Food Pack:  Tuesday, June 26 thru Friday, June 29
  • Two sessions per day:  9 am and 1 pm
  • Blessing and prayer for safe delivery of the meals:  Friday evening @6:15 pm

More information: FOOD PACK

Goal: $55,000 by April 1st, 2018 (we are $4,000 away from our goal!)

Need: Your Church, Small Group, Youth Group, Study Group or Sunday School Class to set a giving goal.

Outcome: The love of Christ is shared through the offering of food in time of crisis and emergency.


With the recent hurricanes across the southern United States and the Caribbean, the needs of the folks we can feed with food pack meals are more pressing. You might remember that a great many of the meals we packed in 2015 went to school children in Haiti. God’s timing for our food pack is right on! Those meals are greatly needed!

More churches need to jump-in and commit to giving. Fifteen churches are committed to fundraising for the food pack. The average pledge from churches is between $1,000 – $2,000, giving us a potential of about $30,000 with current efforts. What can your church do to reach our goal of $55,000 ensuring that IDES comes to Oregon next summer for the food pack. If you have questions, need promotional material or want to pledge dollars contact Linda Shearer (lshearer3612@gmail.com). The packing will take place during the 166th Oregon Christian Convention: June 26-July 1, 2018. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to work together!


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