Elder/Pastor Conference

2018 Elder/Pastor Conference

January 27, 2018—Saturday, 9 AM to 3 PM

“Shepherd the Church!”—The Practice of Eldering

Acts 20:28

Keynote speaker: George Johnson, executive director of Christian Evangelistic Association

At the 2018 Elder/Pastor Retreat, your elder team will be encouraged and challenged to pursue greater excellence in leadership.

This year our Keynote Speaker is George Johnson, executive director of Christian Evangelistic Association. George will inspire us to pursue what it really means to lead in the church today. Three breakout sessions facilitated by elders from throughout the Northwest will follow the Keynote Speaker. Your elder team will join with others church leaders from around the region to exchange ideas and discuss three key areas of church leadership.

The first breakout session will address the challenge of keeping the church on mission and the important role elders play in overseeing the ministry of the church. Churches can easily fall into a routine when leaders allow the mission to drift away from reaching our world for Christ.

In the second breakout session, we will address the challenge of developing new leaders to serve as elders in the church. This is a great opportunity to find out how others have been successful in raising up new leaders and passing on the torch from generation to generation. The third breakout session will highlight the role of elders in providing pastoral care in the church. This gets at the heart of what it means to “shepherd the flock.” More church elders today are seeing their role as a ministry that goes far beyond sitting on a board and voting yea or nay. Hear from other elders who are doing more to really shepherd the church and share what has worked in your church.

The day will also include time for lunch and fellowship. Mark your calendars and bring your elder team to the 2018 Elder/Pastor Retreat.

Registration fee includes lunch:

Individual: $20.00 per person

Group rate: $75.00 (4 from one church. $15.00 for each additional person)

download a mail-in form: 2018 Elder Pastor Registration

Register online: register now

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